Synchronization overview

whereyougonnabe can automatically synchronize with a number of external data sources. We strongly encourage you to take a few minutes to set up synchronization, as it will enable you to get much more value out of whereyougonnabe.

Synchronization automatically runs whenever you log in to whereyougonnabe, and once a night. You can run sync on demand too, by clicking on Sync at the top right of the whereyougonnabe application. Doing it this way gives you more detailed feedback about what the system is doing, which can be helpful in diagnosing problems if sync is not working as you expect.

Calendar integration

We can directly synchronize with Google Calendar, and Google provides a free sync mechanism for Outlook, so you can easily sync either of these calendars with whereyougonnabe. To automatically send an an event to whereyougonnabe, you just need to include the text "wygb" (without quotes) somewhere in the description or the title, and make sure you specify a location, like in the following example:

Read our documentation on Google Calendar or Outlook for full details on how to set this up and use it.

Tripit integration

We think that Tripit is a really cool site, and our integration with it provides the great capability that you can just forward an email travel itinerary to, and then we will automatically import information from them about which airports you will be in and when. This is a great way to identify opportunities to meet friends in airports, and make your time more enjoyable and productive while traveling. If you ever travel by plane, we strongly recommend that you create an account at Tripit and set up integration with whereyougonnabe - it will only take you a few minutes.

Dopplr integration

Dopplr is a popular site which does some of the things that whereyougonnabe does, and has some nice features. But whereyougonnabe stores your itinerary at a much greater level  of detail than Dopplr, and has more sophisticated analysis to identify many more opportunities to meet your friends, as well as a more interactive graphical display. If you are a Dopplr user, you can get the best of both applications by setting up integration with whereyougonnabe, so that any trips you create in Dopplr will automatically be imported into whereyougonnabe.

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